Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Its Wednesday. Its 12:57 AM, and I am asking myself "WHY are you still awake!" I am restless. Tired for sure-but feeling restless has left me asking lots of "whys" while typing as quickly as I can so I can beat that clock and get to bed before 1:00AM. As if going to bed at 12:59AM will leave me more rested than going to bed at 1:01AM. I think 1:15 is more realistic. I read my bffs "No Not Me Mondays" list, inspired by MckMama, and sat here realizing, by the middle of the week-Wednesday I've got a whole lots of "whys." Wish I could trade them in for some "wise" answers, but oh well. I'll settle for getting all the "whys" out so they are not pounding away in my restless mind. Please join the "WHY" parade. Why, you might ask? Why not?


Why does anyone send their gold through the mail to “Cash4Gold?" Please tell me I am not the only one who has pondered this after this tempting commercial offer. And when you do send in your gold that turns out to be worth $1.34, do they really spend more than that in postage to mail out your “earnings”?

Why do people spend precious time, energy, and money to make beautiful creations and then post these creations on Etsy in blurry, horrible photos?

Why don’t I just call my landlord so he will come out and fix the leaky pipe underneath my sink, instead of emptying the small pool that has gathered in my collection bucket to then replace it for another collection?

Why is coffee on my mind more than water?

Why do people like Adam Lambert on American Idol so much?

Why am I so judgmental?

Why can't I stop thinking about that package of boneless, skinless chicken I trimmed last week that had 2 feathers on it?

Why do I stay up so late?

If we are in the “same boat” as moms, Why don’t more moms know we are rowing together?

3 comments: said...

these are all good questions... i ask some of them myself ;-)

Angie said...

i love WHY WEDNESDAY. i will do it later!!! great idea.

Michele said...

when the gold commercials come on here, Claire say's, "GOLD!!!!!!" and then laughs hysterically. She thinks those commercials are funny when they shout gold at the camera.

Why Wednesday's sound good to me too!