Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A series of unfortunate events...

One of the worst weeks of my life probably occurred in 1998. Here’s how that week played out: Tuesday, get rear ended (passenger) and a nice case of whiplash. Thursday, get in second car accident as the passenger, fun, fun, fun! Friday, go to the ER with high fever, severe pain, and possible appendicitis. Saturday, receive Crohns disease diagnosis. No doubt about it, pretty bad week.

Over the past 2 weeks, I experienced a series of unfortunate events that pale in comparison to the events in my “one of the worst weeks ever” file, but these events were nonetheless, unfortunate.

Event Number 1: The lost ring.

If a wedding ring had nine lives, mine is on life number 5. Last week in a joyous reunion, I found my wedding ring crammed under the leg of the dresser in Isla’s room. I scooped up the ring, embraced-a beautiful moment. Before that joyous reunion, my wedding ring had gone MIA for approximately 2 weeks. Every single day I scoured a new quadrant of the house like an episode of CSI. Everyday I announced to Andy, “If I can’t find my ring I am going to go insane! Seriously, I am going to FLIP OUT.” To which he replied, “I kind of thing that already happened…” To which I replied, “Oh no, this is not flipping out, if I can’t find my ring you’ll see flipping out. Ah!!!” I think it’s safe to say that Andy too, felt extreme relief for a variety of reasons after my ring returned safely to my finger.

After the whole ordeal I reminisced about the other close calls: The time it went through the washer, the time it almost went through the washer at my in-laws’ house and fell onto the basement floor, the time I left in the GAP dressing room in December, the time it ended up in the dress up clothes courtesy of someone small, and all the times I placed it in spots I did not remember placing it.

Now I know you might be judging me right now, I would probably judge. Don’t get me wrong, I love being married. I love strolling through Target with my wedding ring properly in place as a sign of my love and commitment, and also a sign of my claim on the cute guy walking next to me. But for some reason I find it extremely difficult to complete many household tasks while wearing my ring, it’s a little loose, so I inevitably take it off and place it in a variety of semi-regular hangout spots for safe keeping…or not so safe keeping.

I wish I could promise to never lose it again. Believe me; I will TRY VERY HARD, all caps. If all else fails, I only used about 5 lives so far, so I'd say we've got 4 to go!

(More unfortunate events to come…)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I have been on hiatus/vacation/visiting family which explains my lack of blogging. My husband, a former news anchor, taught me that a "tease" in the news biz, is that that highlight they show at the start of the news cast about a story that's eventually coming-that quick clip they show in between commercials, previewing the upcoming story, to get your attention and keep you from channel surfing.

In the spirit of "teasing," I thought I would do so about my upcoming blogging activity. Hopefully blogging tomorrow will fall somewhere after laundry, paying bills, catching up on life, and ballet class. We shall see!

So here's my tease:
It's coming...

Title: A series of unfortunate events...
1. Wedding ring lost (breathe) and found
2. Getting on the wrong train...out of Chicago
3. Shutting the trunk of our Saturn Vue on my face

All unfortunate. All blogworthy. Stay tuned.