Thursday, November 19, 2009

Like mother like daughter.

Here I am, roughly one Minnie cake, one candy corn cake, one round of mini cupcakes, and one assortment of giant cupcakes later. Since my last post, every person in my family has celebrated a birthday. After the unmentionable happened-which I shall now mention-you know, the computer fiasco; I have found it difficult to get my writing groove on. But then this morning I walked into my four year old's room.

"I really hope you are not coloring in a reading book," I said, full well knowing that is exactly what I walked in on.

Aislynn looked up from her intentional rogue coloring activity. "But mom," she started, "I don't have any paper and I needed to write you a thank you note."

That was not quite the response I was expecting, but nice. This girl is quick on her feel, resourceful. These skills could come in handy someday. But back to the crime. "Well, I love when you write me thank you notes, but next time you need to ask Mommy for some paper."

Yeah, so here is the piece of evidence. Since when did writing your own name signify a "thank you?" I do love that kids mark the seen of the crime with their own name, very sneaky.

I guess I can be thankful that she was using crayon to write inside of a book, and not permanent black marker to write on the walls and herself, like I did as a child. The "Brooke writes with permanent marker all over herself and the walls" is a classic in our family. When my mom caught me and asked what I was doing, I responded, "I don't know." Apparently, by the time my dad arrived home, I had come up with a better excuse. My new answer, "I didn't have any paper." What can I say, like mother like daughter. I wish I had been smart enough in the midst of my crime to add that I was writing a "thank you" note too!