Hi, I'm Brooke. Thanks for stopping by. I recently started blogging again after taking almost a year off to pursue my design business full time, which definitely was and is a full time job! I can't wait to share all the ideas, projects, and recipes that are on my mind with you. 

About this blog: 
A Fuller Day started in 2008 when we were faced with the possibility that my oldest daughter (2 at the time) might be autistic. I felt like I needed a place to write down some thoughts trying to piece together life in general. Early on I wrote a lot about my oldest daughter and our journey through lots of developmental therapy, being a mom, and the possibility of an autistic diagnosis, and the thankfulness in discovering my daughter was not autistic. She still required lots of developmental therapy, but made amazing strides. No one meeting her now would ever guess she was once a developmentally delayed somewhat anti social little girl. 

Over the past 4 years this blog has also developed into a place for me to share my passion for motherhood, cooking, teaching, creating, and design. 

My Family:
Since 2008, now 3 moves, 3 kids, and 6 years later a lot has changed. My oldest daughter, is a very enthusiastic 2nd grader and lover of life. My second daughter is in kindergarten and is all girl. My youngest daughter just turned 3 and is full of personalty. She love to dance and already has quite the sense of humor. I am married to this guy who is pretty easy on the eyes. He is a hard working PR guy, amazing writer, and quite social media savvy. My husband and I now live in our once college home town where it all started. I left a career in teaching to stay at home and pursue my interest in design. 

My Love of Design:
I love to make, create, design, and sew. I am horrible at following patterns which is why I design my own patterns, filled with pictures. My foundational creative "skills" were taught to me by my art teacher mother who taught me to sew, dream big, think outside the box, and to be innovative and resourceful.

6 years ago I decided to leave teaching to stay home with my daughter. Shortly after, I began designing custom baby carriers after finding very little comfortable options for myself. From there I designed various baby and maternity items for boutiques and custom orders. I love practical, soft, and comfortable items. 3 little girls later I am still designing full time, writing patterns, and making supplies for fellow crafters. 

My patterns can be found in my Etsy shop and in the tutorials available on this blog. My most popular patterns and tutorials to date are my hood to headrest mei tai baby carrier and my extra large posie blossom tutorial

My Love of food:
My love language is food. I love everything about food, trying new recipes, making my own recipes, and cooking with my husband. I also love food challenges and learning how to make the best possible version of _________ I can.

Miscellaneous Me:
  • I have creative ADD and 500 ideas going in my head at any given time! I am determined to share as many of them in this blog as I can.
  • I drink too much coffee and stay up way to late making things. 
  • I have a lot of experience with a "picky eater." My daughter has sensory eating issues. I learned a lot taking her to an amazing feeding therapy group, and hope to share some mealtime tricks and strategies with everyone.
  • I played waterpolo and ran cross country in high school. 2 sports where if you can make it through the grueling tryouts and have some heart, you're in.
  • I studied abroad in Beijing, China when I was in college, love travel, adventures and am a bit of a daredevil. 
  • We eat a lot of goat cheese in my house. And love balsamic vinegar. Just sayin'.
  • I once played Mary in a live nativity. 
  • I hope I can pass all of my craftiness down to my own daughters as they get older.

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Family Travellers said...

Came across your blog from "People I want to Punch." Always impressed by creative people. It will be fun to explore your blog.