Thursday, May 21, 2009

"THAT is a BAD IDEA" Thursday

Last Thursday I discussed the biblike necklace as an incredibly bad idea. Today I would like to dedicate a little time to a number of bad ideas that are on my mind, in no particular order...

  • A little junk in the trunk...ok. Junk spilling out of your trunk-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Smoking 2 millimeters outside the entrance to the store I am trying to walk into with my small children-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Taking your snotty nosed, coughing kid to the park or the Barnes and Noble to mingle with the other kids and give them bear hugs-THAT IS A BAD IDEA (at least try to keep it a secret your kid is sick).
  • Licking bubbles off the floor (Isla)-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Blue unitards for pregnant ladies-for anybody! THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • More than one patty of beef in a sandwich at any fast food establishment-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • The baby bjorn...for the most part-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • No deodorant-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Touching a pregnant woman's belly without permission-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Asking a woman if she is pregnant-even if she looks like she could give birth that minute-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Touching a little babie's hand who is not your baby in the line at the store-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Commenting on someone's weight gain-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Using the credit card checks your credit card company sends you in the mail-THAT IS A BAD IDEA.
  • Not heading my advice on all of the above items. THAT IS A BAD IDEA.

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Michele said...

so interesting, i just wrote several of those bad ideas on another blog i follow in the comment section. it should stand to reason that most of those are common sense, but some people just do not get it.