Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I love this shirt.

It says, "CALIFORNIA" all in caps.
I feel like every summer I have a t-shirt that is THE shirt of the season. The shirt that eventually ends up faded, with a bleach spot, and stains from the normal everyday life of a mommy.
The shirt eventually makes its way to the bottom drawer of the dresser transforming into a "sleep shirt."

Why do I love THIS shirt?
  1. I discovered it on the sale rack at Old Navy. What's not to love about a sale?
  2. It was marked "$6.99" which was acceptable, but rang up at $4.99. I loved it even more.
  3. Its a bright and cheery orange. Perfect for summer.
The shirt makes its debut...

I wore the shirt on Thursday to a playdate at my new friend Lilli's house. She originates from California and I think she appreciated the shout out. The shirt now makes me think of new friends.

I wore the shirt the next day. Yes, I wore the exact same outfit unwashed, 2 days in a row-no shame. I wore it to honor my dear friend who is moving to California in 17 days. I think she liked my tribute. The shirt now reminds me of her.

I knew this shirt would be special when I found it on the overflowing sale rack. I even tried to find one or two more so I could share the love. The combination of the jam packed clearance items I was attempting to rifle through, and my 3 year old wildly pushing a stuffed dog in a doll stroller in circles around the sale racks (that is a story for another day) prevented me acquiring additional shirts.

I wanted to find a shirt for Michele to take on her journey to California.
I wanted to find a shirt for Angie.

The shirt made me think of how she lived in California and loved it. I thought of her birthday next week, and how this shirt would make her smile because it will be a tough birthday for her without her grandma. I'll just have to find another way to make her smile.

Basically this IS the shirt of summer. Have you found your shirt yet?


Michele said...

i saw this shirt at old navy today... i almost bought it, but then i changed my mind and went with the environmental message shirt.

But i just also wanted to say...
ewwwe gross... i hugged two day old shirt yesterday lol totally kidding! I never would have guessed it, it looked freshly washed.

i love the Wednesday Why's idea! I have been slacking on my Magnificent Monday Etsy finds and my Fantastic Friday random amazing finds. Darn this move and my blogging ways ;-)

Angie said...

i need a shirt! but, remember, normal shirts are strangling me right now. i am only wear v-necks and scoop necks.