Monday, January 2, 2012

A few resolutions.

I'm not really one for New Years Resolutions but I figured what the hey, I'm all for shaking things up this year and my first resolution is to make some New Years resolutions...a day late of course. I have to keep it real. So without a long drawn out reintroduction, or my stating the obvious-its been a long time-or explaining what has been going on this last year to fill my time, here's some good ol' fashioned resolutions.

---Here's what made my 2012 List---
1. Make some New Years Resolutions.
2. Try to keep at least half of the resolutions.
3. Read 2 books. Don't gasp too loudly all you readers who have already completed 2 books on this second day of the new year. I read a lot online, articles, pieces of books, but not entire books from start to finish and definitely not fiction. I don't have anything against books. My reader sister said, "You should read The Hunger Games!" My thoughts, uh, that seems a bit intense for my non-reading self to take on and isn't that going to be a movie? I have some great intentions to read books that look good, but I can usually find 30 things I would rather create.
4. Write more.
5. Learn how to play the ukulele. I bought Aislynn a pink ukulele for Christmas. She loves all things musical and she loves it. However, so far all we know how to do is tune it. Ha! I was going to say "learn how to play the guitar." Yes, I am one of those people who owns a guitar she can't play. Some how I have to think a ukulele is easier to learn to play than a guitar? Hawaiians are welcome to weigh in on this one.
6. Document all the tutorials and patterns I have floating around in my creative ADD head and post them!
7. Try and become a morning person and be slightly happier in the morning.
8. Go to bed earlier. I think I have finally reached the conclusion that my 31 year old body can't quite handle the late nights my 21 year old body could! I'll shoot for getting to bed by 11:30pm.
9. Work out at least once a month. I don't want to shoot too high.
10. Organize something.
11. Write thank you notes and really get my girls involved. I am really bad at this one. Shame on me.
12. Remember my family and friends birthday's before they actually arrive or are past...
13. Write a food blog with my husband. Yes!
14. Do more laundry more often so I will have less sweat shop laundry days. You know the days where you do load, after load, after load, and small mountainous regions of clean laundry in your living room start to form. Or maybe that's just me.

In the words of my sister "that's kind of a lot of resolutions." And in the words of me to my sister, "Sorry I'm ambitious." Ha! I figure if you make enough resolutions, and set your bar just low enough, you are bound to complete at least a few of them.

Here's to a new and exciting year, still learning life.

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