Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm back! And sharing a fun and simple tutorial. T-shirt flowers

Wow! Its been TOO long. A lot has happened since my last post in August-mainly lots of snow, lots of designing, and one cute baby being born now 3 months old.
I also opened my Design store on Etsy. It will be the home for flower appliqu├ęs, hair and bridal accessories, PDF tutorials, baby items, and possibly some carriers. I am also working on a PDF of the hood to headrest tutorial that you love so much! In honor of all these exciting things I have included my tutorial for the cheap, fun, and easy T-shirt flower below. It is currently in my Etsy store for $3 so you get a sweet bargain here for free :) If you like it, check out some of the other patterns I am working on in my store.

I am patterned challenged which is why I started writing my own patterns packed with photos. I have so many pattern projects in the works, so get ready!

Visit here for more tutorials! And feel free to email me Brooke at elizabethbrookedesigns@gmail.com with any questions.
Repurposed t-shirt flower tutorial PDF

Re Purposed T-shirt Flower Tutorial PDF


Joy said...

I want to make some! ... now to find the time to do it. :) Nice work, Brooke!

Bristel said...

Yeah! I see you put it back up. I'm pumped.