Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I have been on hiatus/vacation/visiting family which explains my lack of blogging. My husband, a former news anchor, taught me that a "tease" in the news biz, is that that highlight they show at the start of the news cast about a story that's eventually coming-that quick clip they show in between commercials, previewing the upcoming story, to get your attention and keep you from channel surfing.

In the spirit of "teasing," I thought I would do so about my upcoming blogging activity. Hopefully blogging tomorrow will fall somewhere after laundry, paying bills, catching up on life, and ballet class. We shall see!

So here's my tease:
It's coming...

Title: A series of unfortunate events...
1. Wedding ring lost (breathe) and found
2. Getting on the wrong train...out of Chicago
3. Shutting the trunk of our Saturn Vue on my face

All unfortunate. All blogworthy. Stay tuned.

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