Wednesday, January 9, 2008

life in a moment

I find it interesting that there is a game called "Life." I don't even really remember how to play it...I just remember that there were a lot of pieces that went with the game board. I do remember that you basically tried to plan out your life, get a lot of money and end the game with the most stuff. Obviously the choices you made in the game for your chosen "life" impacted the outcome and your chance of winning. Isn't funny how many times we have our minds made up about how real life should work and what should come next, yet seldomly does it turn out that way at all. I remember praying earnestly on hands and knees as a seventeen year old girl that I would marry Thomas Yates. Thankfully God did not answer that prayer. Then I remember praying a similar prayer a few years later that I would marry my college boy friend. I could not see how things could really turn out any differently. Thankfully God did not answer that prayer either. Sometimes we want things to turn out so badly a certain way, but God has other plans. Sometimes it does not make any sense to us in the moment, why life is the way it is. But there is someone who sees the bigger picture. He sees past the moment, down the road. And thankfully sometimes He does not answer prayers the way we would like him to. Sometimes I wonder, "What would my life look like if everything went according to my original plans?" I don't really have to wonder though. My life would be a mess! I would not be where I am with the man I am married to. And I would not have two beautiful little girls. I am in a moment. Things do not make perfect sense, but I can see that someone else knows what is going on and if I look at our history, I can see that He knew/knows what He is doing. And all I can do right now is live in this moment because if I look down the road with my human eyes I am afraid. So instead I look behind me and am encouraged to see what has brought me to this moment.

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